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Happy Birthday!

It's malic_kenafin's Birthday!  Happy Birthday!!!!

By the way, I've disabled comments to prevent my getting spammed by Russians.


Happy Birthday Mandy-Nyar!!!!!  Hope it's a great one!
So, for the passing of my sister I got a nice card from the school staff and a plastic Orchid plant.

I'm still trying to process that.  When I was on the committee, I was always charged with finding a nice plant and a nice card.  The head of the committee would always say "Only spend x amount of dollars" on the plant, as our "funds" were limited, but I was always complimented on my choice etc.  Now-- fake orchids. 

NOT that I needed nor wanted a plant to kill, but still.... I have to wonder at the mindset.   The card would have been enough-- I know TWO teachers who have gotten nothing (one lost a mother AND a brother in a very short amount of time). 

Still, I find it odd, this fake plant.... just haven't figured out HOW I find it odd.


Dear Heat,

Please go away.  I can't take it any more.  I feel like I'm going to go crazy if you don't leave.


Happy Birthday to Me.

Yes, I've posted a greeting to myself.  So sue me.

Remember the woman I told you about? The one who kept going through the routine of "Bald-headed bitch!"? She was actually on the express bus I was on yesterday. My God.... This older lady got up finally and moved, making the comment that her brother had Tourette syndrome, but she thought it was more than that (weird-- at one point a paramedic truck passed us and the sound of the siren made her shut UP)-- she kept up the gestures and included black, white, and latino in her tirade, yet knew exactly when to signal for a stop at a specific street. The bus driver put up with it the entire time, and you could tell that people on the bus were (except for the children, whom other riders kept reassuring with "don't worry, she can't help it" kind of comments)pretty much trying to ignore her. I felt bad for her. I remember Mom saying how when the meds made her act so crazy that time, she KNEW what was going on, but she couldn't stop herself. I hope someone finally gets that woman the proper meds she needs.

Good Lord please look after that woman.


I wonder why I leave some of these posts open? I have to reconsider this option-- I'm confused how people find them if they're not familiar with me. It's disturbing to get messages from people who "compliment" me and yet I've no idea who they are.

So, the first full week is almost over. A friend last year said I should and would and could probably write about all the interesting things that happen on the public transport to and from school, but honestly, I am not good at taking notes, and sometimes it's not worth the effort-- even the exciting crap. For example, yesterday I got off the short line early so I could ride the express to the train station-- and there was this woman across the street screaming all sorts of abuse and making all sorts of gestures in the direction of another woman who was far from her, and dressed in a way that suggested she was Iranian-- there are many many Muslims here, but Iranians have a certain "style" I can't explain. Either way, this woman (young heavy African-American" kept shouting "Bald-headed bitch!!!" throughout her routine of how she was going to smack down the person, a few f-bombs tossed in here and there. I watched from across the street. The lady on the corner kept her back to this woman (there was a HUGE distance, but that girl's voice carried). It was apparent after a few minutes that this poor girl was either off her meds, or "on" something. The monologue was repeated word for word and gesture for gesture every five to ten minutes-- and then she was shouting it across the street in my direction, so I guess it wasn't a "hate" crime, just some poor soul who needed help. She had her pass on a lanyard around her neck-- and a backpack-- I wonder how many buses passed her by.... something was wrong that's for sure. It was quite a monologue, though it was like it was on a loop-- gestures, as I said, and all.

I hope she finally got home.

Ah well... Guess it's time for bed.
Well, new school year is started.  One day down, 170-something to go. 

First impressions-- not a bad class. Still, it's early days... >.>

Second look-- I think I got the GATE class back.

I also think that my class from last year did better than I expected on the CST-- which should keep certain people quiet about my abilities, as they were NOT considered "gifted".  

I wish I could say that I'm 100% happy with everything, but that would be lying.  Then again, who can say they're 100% happy with things?  Maybe the reason I keep "liking" the profiles/walls/whatevers of kids with cancer at FB is to remind myself that there are others out there with real problems.  The first child I got involved with has passed-- so have four others.  And each parent that keeps posting is a knife to the heart, especially when (a) they're posting (as Ricky's mom did) that NO parent should be shopping in the kids section for funeral clothes, and (b) when they're posting (as Joshua's mom did) that some random troll emailed them chastizing them for cremating their son and keeping the cancer with him, didn't they know science..... God.  

So I do my best to keep it all in perspective.  Not easy.  I am by nature a selfish person (where did I read that?  I know it's a quote from somewhere)...
School year is almost over.  It's rather hard to believe. 

Miki Ivey is in town-- she stayed here from Friday night to today, then she's off to another friend's-- she's headed back here the end of the week for I'm not sure how long, a few days for sure.  Then she's off to San Francisco, then back HERE again just before Comic-Con, and then we'll go to San Diego on the same train since we're in the same hotel room.  Doesn't look like Michele will be attending, but I'm not changing the reservation, it'd be too confusing.

While MIki and Jessica were at LACMA on Saturday standing in line to meet Tim Burton at a book signing, I managed to lock myself out of the apt.  With the help of the downstairs' neighbor's son (and the use of two rather beat up screwdrivers borrowed from another neighbor) we were finally able to get the a/c out of the window, and I managed to squeeze through the window (it doesn't open far).  Now the a/c is on the porch.  I put it up on Recycler-- it was Mom's and I never really used it after she died.  Let someone who will use it buy it.  I hope someone purchases it. 

I am looking forward to Comic-con if only to be away from here for a few days-- yet I worry about the cats and the stupid lunatic neighbor who is so unpredictable.  I could handle it if it was just the sister, though she, too, is rather annoying about "Don't eat that cat poop!" squeal she emits whenever her dogs pick up ANYTHING off the ground (mostly sticks, btw).  But he is scary with a capital "S".  I really hope that one of the nice neighbors does watch the kitties for me and they don't escape while she's feeding them.

And payday can't get here soon enough.  But I know we're all in that boat!  :D:D:D:D:D